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A Natural Health Product
Development Company
Where Industries Connect...

Quality Alliance International is a highly focused Natural Health Product (NHP) development alliance whose mission is to help NHP industries build and sustain superior operations.
Quality Alliance International accomplishes this objective by helping companies focus their direction and increase confidence in regulations.
Quality Alliance International stands on the shoulders of experienced sectors around the world dedicated exclusively to NHP, food and sport supplement manufacturing, development and regulatory affairs.

The scope of the professional collaboration has raised our capabilities much beyond consultation companies:

  • Product formulation
  • Research and development (R&D)
  • NHP Submissions in Canada
  • Implementation of GMP
  • NHP GMP third party audit and certification
  • QA certification program
  • Education services
  • Global regulatory affairs

High achievement always takes place in
the framework of high expectation.

Charles Kettering

Research, submission, stability studies, clinical trials and testings, are costly to firms of all sizes and today's competitive market does not allow companies to push consumers to pay for these expenses. These expenses will make quality a prime focus of marketing. We believe that the companies who embrace and utilize novel key elements, such as Consumer Quality Concern, as an instrument will dominate a successful marketing campaign.

Quality Alliance International makes a professional link between quality value and marketing success with outstanding services under our state-of-the-art certified programs.

We are proud to be a trusted consultation company for the international leaders of natural products and dietary supplement industries. In addition to our demonstrated experience in Canada, we have developed exclusive services for the United States, Europe and Asia.

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